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My Vintage Romance

Posted on 10 June 2008 by ay_link

His 1st album is supposed to come out on the 13th based on YesAsia, but daum is so much faster *so happy* so I can finally listen to My Vintage Romance this morning~~

To share my joy and happiness *haha* here’s the album & complete tracklist

Alex 1st album “My Vintage Romance”

01 . 어느새 (君なら)
02 . 그대라면 (君はいつも)
03 . 넌 언제나 (feat. Thomas cook) (待たせてごめんね)
04 . 기다리게 해서 미안해요
05 . 발끝을 적시는 눈물 (つま先を濡らす涙)
06 . Feel Like Making Sunshine
07 . 깍지껴요 (feat. Gaeko from Dynamicduo) (手をつなごう)
08 . Waltz lesson (feat. whale)
09 . 연인 (恋人)
10 . 사랑하오 (愛します)
11 . 기분 좋은 날 (気分の良い日)
12 . Daydreaming
13 . Miss. Understand (feat. Simon Dominic)
14 . 데이지 (デイジー)
15 . 화분 (Bonus track) (植木鉢)


Romanized tracklist

1. All of a sudden
2. If it were you
3. Always you (feat. Thomas Cook)
4. Sorry to keep you waiting
5. Tears that wet the tip of my toes
6. Feel like making sunshine
7. Hold Hands (feat. Dynamic Duo Gaeko)
8. Waltz lesson (feat. Whale)
9. Lover
10. I love you / Saranghao
11. A good day
12. Daydreaming
13. Miss Understand (feat. Simon Dominic)
14. Daisy
15. Flowerpot (Hwaboon) (bonus track)

wma version: [DL LINK]

CD cover (front-back)

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Shynn Says:

    Oh my god, thanks a lot!

  2. akelli Says:

    I just happened upon your site. Good thing I did. Thanks for the album!!! It sounds great!!!

  3. Farrah Says:

    Hey there, thanks so much for the DL link. i’ve downloaded it and am listening to it now! wonder if you could post the lyrics as well.

    am not sure whether his album already on sale in Malaysia or not.. :(

  4. pam Says:

    i hope you don’t mind but could you please make an alternate link? megaupload is not good to me.

    i would be very grateful.

  5. JJ Says:

    WoW.. I’ve been looking for Alex’s songs. Thanks for sharing.^^

  6. Richard Says:

    Thanks ay_link for the great blog of Alex Chu’s album. Love his voices so much.. ^^

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