Lee Min Ho-Gu Hye Sun’s kissing scene NG

Posted on 18 February 2009 by ay_link

OK, OK, I admit I’m on the border of being obsessed with this boy~ kekeke… so since it seems like there are news about him practically EVERYWHERE, this particular one caught my eyes~ hmmm~ the aired NG at the end of episode 14 was a tiny bit short, like maybe 10 secs? but it was almost the best 10 secs NG ever! mwahaha… (love the way Gu Hye Sun ruffled his hair, and how he seems soooo shy~)

Gu Jun Pyo & Geum Jan Di’s kissing scene NG

KBS2 “Boys Over Flowers” made a smart move when they decided to fill up the ‘preview’ section for next week with clips of NG and BTS. And at the end, they aired the scene from episode 12, when both Jun Pyo and Jan Di got stuck together after that snowstorm – when Jun Pyo had rescued Jan Di, and they both stayed at the cabin by themselves.

Since it is such an ‘intense’ scene, they both got very tensed and created the NGs a couple of time. When they had to look at each other’s eyes, both of them had to lauh and again created an NG. Gu Hye Sun seemed to understand, being the more senior in acting, she kinda ruffled Min Ho’s hair playfully.

Meanwhile, in the recent broadcasted KBS2 TV “Entertainment Relay’, when they were asked about their first kissing scene, Lee Min Ho admitted that though they usually joke around, but after that kissing scene, they got so awkward with each other. Gu Hye Sun agreed with his comment and added, “Awkward, awkward, awkward…”

Gu Hye Sun also expressed that after that scene, they both got so shy and awkward that they couldn’t act normal, and did pretend not to know each other for a few days. But now that they’re more comfortable with each other, she said, “But now we discuss a kissing scene before the shooting starts… so that awkwardness has healed through.”

^_^ interesting, no? :)

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. Alshin Fan Says:

    I love this NG! Ahhhh Lee Min Ho is hot! Thanks Shenny for posting all these goodies about Lee Min Ho…I’m watching BOF episodes all over coz I can’t wait till next week to see GYP ^_^ This boy is a total hottie!

  2. kamee Says:

    i remember from somewhere that the pd told him not to kiss with his mouth open but he did so anyway! and don’t worry, you’re not the only one utterly obsessed/head over heels/in love with him!

  3. ayoepan Says:

    i’m giggling like crazy rite now ^_____^
    they both are my fave couple in BOF!

    love to see them ^^

  4. Maree Says:

    One of my fav. scenes from the NGs!! Ssooo cute!

  5. Debbie Says:

    I read somewhere that the director playfully scolded Lee Min-ho for opening his mouth while kissing Gu Hye Sun. He was only supposed to keep his mouth closed and do the lip to lip kiss (which I hate!!!, because if they are supposed to really like each other, who kiss with their mouths closed!). Then the director said why don’t you guys pack a lunch and go picnic somewhere! haha

    From watching all the NGs and BTS, I have the feeling that LMH has a crush on GHS. They have GREAT chemistry!

  6. bailyn Says:

    hehehe….i’m so damned tickled by that scene….

  7. qhenni Says:

    i really interest with this! i laugh by myself when i’m reading this…everyone around me saying that i’m crazy… lee min ho n gu hye sun…go go go! i supporting!

  8. deishka Says:

    .bwahahahaha.. really love minsun couple forever!

  9. jen Says:

    more of min ho and hye sun drama together..please hope it will come true this 2010 ..the entire asia are requesting for that..minsun go go go

  10. rachel from canada Says:

    i know it was too late for me to watch the BOF but i was really impressed with their teamwork, they’ve done it as if they were truly couple, i hope they will still work together can’t wait to watch them both again

  11. LULU Says:

    I am wondering why they can’t have a reunion project together when in fact thier partnership was very much accepted and applauded by the whole Asia. Production people of Korea’s showbiz world, I hopa you could think of a very good project where these two could show off their acting abilities so well because they are very good actors.

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