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Gu Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung?

Posted on 03 March 2009 by ay_link


Let’s leave it at that.


Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung are caught dating late at night!

On Feb 27, they are caught ‘dating’ at a cafe in Seoul, drinking some tea. The people who saw them, said that it was a quiet place, and somewhat pretty close to samcheongdong. Because both of them are public figures, them being together late at night, raised a big eye-brow question for the fans.

The time was around 9pm (what late at night? 9? lol), Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung came in. Seems like they just went out to dinner, and dropped by for some night tea. They were both dressed in comfortable clothes, chatting, and each had a bright face and seemed to be without conscious of people seeing them together.

One eye-witness said, “Because they both are tall, it wasn’t hard to spot them together on a Friday night at a cafe… easily mistaken them as lovers.”

Jo In Sung’s enlistment is coming up in April, and because of this, the situation becomes a big curiousity for his fans. Gu Hyun Jung herself is his senior, which people find it hard to believe. (What’s new today? After Choi Ji Woo – Lee Jin Wook, I think this noona-dongsaeng relationship is a trend! lol)

Both Gu Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung worked together in the SBS Drama, Spring Days, where they began to share their friendship. At one time, Jo In Sung said to Sports Korea, “Gu Hyun Jung sunbae-nim is a great role model. I had received great encouragement about my character.”

Then on MBC “무릎팍도사” show, Gu Hyun Jung said that actresses shouldn’t worry too much, she went out with Jo In Sung as friends.

Boo~ haha.. so there we have it ^^
False alarm, everyone! :)

I knew he’s too young for her :P

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. quartz05 Says:

    the title has wrong info..
    the name of the girl is gu hyun jung….


  2. gaban Says:

    He’s so hawt…and he walks like a model. Got his pictures on my wall..Hahaha…I sleep at everynite looking at his gorgeous looks…

  3. kdl17 Says:

    Hahaha……You´ve got me there………I was like “Dying”……Even got his picture in my Mind….Hahaha…….

  4. ayoepan Says:

    “Then on MBC “무릎팍도사” show, Gu Hye Sun said that actresses shouldn’t worry too much, she went out with Jo In Sung as friends.”

    Gu Hye Sun ??
    You mean Gu Hyun Jung ?? :P

    wht is their age difference ??

    weewww… as long they both happy, its okay
    (even I’d still prefer he go out with another younger actress hehehe)

  5. theother Says:

    so much for intrigues…his military service is already driving me crazy, i can’t take another one esp. him dating, hahaha…

  6. ay_link Says:

    @ayoepan I keep typing Gu Hye Sun lol… silly me… lol… will fix that soon~

  7. djes Says:

    Who’s HJH? Han Ji Hye? You mixed up with next post? Hehe. I don’t really mind who is JIS dating with, just because I’m tired to hear people tell that he is gay. ( I’m not against gays, just I don’t believe he is gay. )
    I do

  8. ay_link Says:

    @djes lol that comment was a reply from me for the other comment in another post.. haha… :S

  9. djes Says:

    hehehe, i realized that – maybe the whole expired thing had made u nervous? ;) Lucky you, that everything already back to normal!
    While I also realized that I messed up with my comment! :(

    Ish,I really want to see Frozen Flower!

  10. ay_link Says:

    @djes not a chance lol I wrote the post BEFORE the whole expired domain thing w/ jazzholic :D heheh…
    having to post 2 ’star romance’ news got me going cuckoo a bit, so I even mixed up the title and stuff… hahaha… even Gu Hye Sun was there when I meant to say Gu Hyun Jung LOL~~

  11. Jen Says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an older woman dating a younger man — can I just say that I’d really like Joongbo to be together in real life? LOL. Anyway, honestly, love transcends age. If you really love a person, I don’t think it should matter.

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