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Wedding bliss for Ricky Kim and his bride

Posted on 04 May 2009 by ay_link

Awww, how sweet.
Ricky Kim (On Air – he played as “Aiden”, Oh Seung Ah’s friend) wedded his beautiful girlfriend, a musical actress, Ryu Seung Ju. She’s 4 years older than him but from all the pictures from the presscon, they look pretty much in a wedding bliss right from the start ;)
Congrats to both!

Mixed-blood actor, Ricky Kim (28) wedded his bride, Ryu Seung Ju (32)

On May 4, around 450 guests attended Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju’s wedding at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Theatre Hall, Seoul.

There are a few artists who came to congratulate the happy couple, like Cha In Pyo-Shin Aera couple, Kim Seung Woo and his wife, actress Kim Nam Ju, actor Gong Hyeong Jin, Park Shi Eun, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Ki Woo, singer Tim, Hwangbo, Son Ho Young, Hong Young Min and Hong Ji Min.

The wedding ceremony presided by Rev. Seo Jeong In, who is their pastor when they first met in an international service church. Ricky Kim and his wife started dating after they left for a volunteer service activities to the Philippines. They announced their engagement last month after dating for 2 years.

At the wedding, to congratulate the both of them, Cha In Pyo led in prayer to ask for blessings for the happy couple. Ricky Kim mentioned at the press conference that they both are so grateful to Cha In Pyo. “We first met at the church activities, but when we first dated, Cha In Pyo gave me some advice and now that he can celebrate the beginning of our lives together has a lot to celebrate about.”

Afterwards, a few singers performed some songs, as well as Ricky Kim’s brother with his band, playing the piano presented a song for the two of them. The team from musical “Dream Girls” also attended the wedding and prepared something, as Ryu Seung Ju is now currently working with her musical team to prepare for their show. Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju will go on their honeymoon in August to Peru, in conjunction with another church activities with their pastor and friends.

Celebrity guests attended the wedding:

Cha In Pyo – Shin Aera couple

Kim Seung Woo and his wife, Kim Nam Ju (Queen of Housewives)

Hwangbo – errr, what’s up with her stripe dress? O_O

Lee Ki Woo *waves back*

Gong Hyeong Jin (Dalja’s Spring)

Singer Tim

Actor Park Shi Hoo

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  1. nonsibi Says:

    Does R. Kim do a nose job? lol…

  2. teavana Says:

    Beautiful couple!

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