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Shinae’s wedding pics released

Posted on 28 May 2009 by ay_link

This one is my fave shot :)
She looks totally gorgeous, and thank God, the dress is way better this time. LOL~
He came. *gulp* but still no pictures of him, nor the other guests.

‘”Angelic” Shinae released wedding photo studio pictures

Got married at the Aston House, Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul earlier today, Shinae has released some of the wedding photo studio pictures to the press.

The dress makes her appear so young, especially on the third pictures below. It’s a simple dress, yet very beautiful on her. Shinae said, “Of course it’s beautiful, it’s Kenneth Pool.” Kenneth Pool is a sophisticated design preferred by young brides that can give them the ‘urban’, sophisticated, yet modern image, that mixed well with Shinae’s image.

Shinae expressed, “The wedding dress came in just before I had to go to the Aston House. Despite all the tension I had on my wedding day, I tried to calm myself and not being so nervous.”

Shinae’s wedding attendance consists of her family and relatives, including some of her closest friends and colleagues, including Lee Young Ja (Shinae & Choi Jin Shil’s close friend), Kim Ah Joong, Solbi and Alex.

Veteran actor Joo Young Hun was the host for the wedding, including two famous singers, group Big Mama and K.Will. Shinae plans to go for her honeymoon in Jeju island the following day after the wedding, before she goes to live with her husband in their Bangbae-dong home.

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17 Comments For This Post

  1. Serena Says:

    She is gorgeous and sweet in these pictures. Thank you Shenny.

  2. gaban Says:

    I luv her necklace…Neway, she’s really2 beautiful…

  3. Sara Says:

    She is just gorgeous really love her XD but her husband is….not that good I was expecting a better good looking guy
    but I hope that he can bring her a lot of happiness

  4. spf Says:

    I like the last picture.. And.. Mr. Nice Arms Alex went for the wedding…? O_O

  5. ayoepan Says:


    congratz shinae

  6. pinkypink Says:

    congratz to shinae…but wait!! when u mentioned Alex, is that meant that Alex came to her wedding??O_O

  7. caca Says:

    shenny…got a video frm the wedding
    that’s the url…

  8. madds Says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous Shin Ae….I hope we get to see some pics of Alex & Solbi!

  9. koalabear Says:

    love the dress she wore in this photoshoot…she really looks in love ^^

  10. j3ssicas Says:

    omg that dress looks like my prom dress!lol with one shoulder and flowery/fuffy things on
    but yes she does look younger and i love her hair int he third pic.

  11. Mery Says:

    other link

  12. ichaichaparadise Says:

    i love the 3rd pic, she looks so fresh there

  13. imahmomo Says:

    she is so beautiful!!!~~congratulation shinae~

  14. sammie-s Says:

    alex waws there???? oh my heart breaks for him….wonder if he needs any consolation…am sure a lot of us are willing to comfort him….LOL!

  15. tuesdhei Says:

    very beautiful indeed…

  16. maria Says:

    Thanks for posting this news. I was wondering if Alex or any of the WGM cast was invited. It’s nice that she invited Alex and Solbi. I wish Shin Ae all happiness in the world, but I confess I would rather see Alex as her chosen one. :P

    Ahhh did she invite Hwanhee? She’s friend’s with him. She even had a scandal with him.

  17. rharha Says:

    WHAT???? Did u say alex?? Is he really came??
    I can’t imagine how he felt seeing her in the wedding dress
    oh my….

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