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Junjin and Lee Si Young’s first public picture

Posted on 11 July 2009 by ay_link

Above pictures are taken from their personal sites as we know these two admitted openly about their relationship after they went off the legendary show “We Got Married”. “Gundam couple” is their nickname, as they’re both fans of this Japanese anime, and now, paparazzi and news reporters are noticing their first public picture together as a couple. Junjin seems to be really in love with her (SO CUTE), and so does she. I saw the Ogamdo press conference clip when Junjin stepped up on stage to give 2 bouquets. One for Kim Soo Ro (“Family Outing”) and the other one is for her – in which she received it shyly (she covered her face too… TOO CUTE). Hope they’ll last forever! ^^

Lee Si Young & Junjin’s first picture together, netizens say, “They’re so cute together!”

Actress Lee Si Young and Junjin (real name: Park Chung Jae) have released the first pictures taken together for public viewing.  She posted a selca (self-camera) taken picture of her and Junjin, though it’s a small picture, people can see just how happy they both are.  Lee Si Young’s face is bright, full of love, while Junjin seems to be on the phone but is aware of the picture taken.

In addition to these, in both of their websites, each of them posted the same front-page picture of Atom and Gundam, showing their same affections for each other.

Since they’ve declared publicly about their relationship, they have shown their affection to one another in public without hiding their feelings.  On July 11 in MBC “세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈’ (이하 ‘세바퀴’), Junjin admits through the phone, “Sometimes I’m so surprised by her beauty.” (OH~ SO CHEESY BUT SO SWEEEEET! lolz)

Both of them have given sweet gestures to each other in public events such as Men’s Health “Cool Guy” contest, Lee Si Young expressed her sense of humor while mentioning Junjin. And during “Ogamdo” press conference, Junjin surprised her with flowers as he came up on stage to give her the bouquet personally.  (and people were cheering for him keke!)

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  1. gailT Says:

    they’re so cute. i’m watching their WGM clips. so cute.
    i also watched some kangin and lee yoon ji WGM clips. i think lee yoon ji is so pretty. do you know if she’s going to appear in any new shows? i loved her in Goong.

  2. Jen Says:

    I love them so much! They are just the sweetest pair. I hope they last forever.

  3. rharha Says:

    i hope i know korean letter :( I really want to know what they are saying both in pic and the websites.

    hopefully they will be together 4ever. :)

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