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His name is Bae Soo Bin

Posted on 14 July 2009 by ay_link

I know, I know, I’m a sucker for all romantic crap, including super romantic, guardian-like characters like Bae Soo Bin’s “Brilliant Legacy” character, Jun Sae. Though this is my first encounter of this very charming guy, I admit there are some things that I’m not exactly sure why he’s so attractive. His acting is not really up there yet. He hasn’t me completely in awe like I was with Hwang Jung Min’s potrayal of Gu Dong Baek in “Accidental Couple”. But yet, after watching a marathon of 찬란한 유산 episodes, I’m totally hooked and… ermm… smitten. *shy* (lol)

His name is 배수빈 Bae Soo Bin (33). Not-so-new actor, apparently. He has appeared in a few dramas before “Brilliant Legacy” such as: When a Man is in Love (SBS, 2004), Sea God (KBS, 2004), Fashion 70’s (SBS, 2005), Let’s Marry (MBC, 2005), The Book of Three Han (MBC, 2006), Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum (MBC, 2008), and The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008).

In the recent episode of “Ya Shi Man Man”  야심만만  airing on June 30, he confessed that he’s actually in a relationship with a long-time girlfriend whom he knew back when he first debuted in 2004.  (Lucky gal!)  They’ve been dating ever since, and when “Brilliant Legacy” hits 30% ratings, she got a little worried.  Although things can get a little ’shaky’ (his word), but there’s nothing to worry about, he said. And last scoop is that his girlfriend is a regular office worker, not a celebrity.

Bae Soo Bin in Ya Shi Man Man:

Park Chul owns VOID, a private-owned hair-styling studio. He recently opened an exhibition, “The Faces” (photographed by Baek Sung Hyun) featuring famous celebrities such as Bae Soo Bin, HwanHee, Brian, Eugene, Hwangbo, Wheesung, and many others. You can see more pictures from this site.  And he’s also the man behind Bae Soo Bin’s gorgeous ‘feather perm’ hair in “Brilliant Legacy”. Ah, no wonder~ ;)

A clip from “The Faces” featuring Bae Soo Bin:

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21 Comments For This Post

  1. Acalle Says:

    Wow, Bae So Bin. He’s hot!!! Very cute and charming guy!

  2. thundie Says:

    Bae Soo-bin was in Fashion 70s? Oh boy, as which character?

    LOVE all the pics especially the VOID ones. Thank you!! *muah*

  3. koalabear Says:

    Bae Soo-bin caught my attention in Jumong as the transvestite Sayong, he was really charismatic there that he really got popular also when the drama was still airing at that time. I haven’t seen Brilliant Legacy yet but with a little more encouragement I might try to watch it when time permits

  4. Miss_Sandalettes Says:

    he is perfect <3
    i need to watch a second time the drama fashion 70's, cause i do not remember his character at all….

  5. ellecuantekuhuy Says:

    Ah.. Alex before and now Bae Soo Bin.. You really know how to feed me.. Thanks for the article! ^^

  6. lanoz Says:

    ahhh jun se oppa!

  7. ann Says:

    I watched this drama and really like this character, too. But I started to watch this at ep16 after I knew who sang the OST. It’s nearly end even they entend 2 episodes.

  8. ripgal Says:

    Goodness, now I remember, he was the really really pretty Sayong in Jumong!! 0_0 0

    So can’t relate!!

  9. deeta Says:

    He’s just so…dreamy and heavenly.

  10. bin Says:

    BSB was a cameo for Fashion 70s. He was a Chinese soldier in Ep. 2. Funny thing is that the other actor he threatened was ES’s father. :-) You can find his filmography in English from here:
    Not updated yet such as POTW and BL, but his previous works are all listed.

  11. Joey NG Says:

    Ah! Lovely guy Jun se oppa! charming and kind heart ted in Brilliant Legacy dramas, I’m not know you before.At the moment I watched this dramas up to episode 26 and look forward how going on, so I felt disappointed at this time “Sarang hanikka”

  12. rabha Says:

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    My question is that , if you know any personal email related to the korean actor Bae Su Bin , please send it to me and if it is difficult to you I hope that you will send my letter to him because i really love him so so so much and i want to speak to him directly at this email :
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  13. kaye Says:

    i really like his role in shinning inheritance…i leraned a lot from him…he’s so cute and charming…

  14. gembul Says:

    I thought I catch a glimpse of Bae Soo Bin in KBS Happy Together not long ago. I didn’t watch it though. It wiL be interesting to know what are they talking about in the episode. So difficult to find the clip with english sub in youtube.

  15. V Says:

    An extremely attractive guy!

  16. fea Says:

    i am also thinking if he was really in fashion ’70s. i watched the whole series but i could not recognize him… he’s not in 49 days korean drama.

  17. Eunice Says:

    Bae Soo-Bin’s eyes are very expressive. His role in 49 days made me love him even more. Can you be my BF Bae Soo-Bin? ^_^

  18. Susan Goh Says:

    Bae Soo Bin, he’s Gorgeous, by just looking at his pictures, made my days Happy !!! I Love U Bae Soo Bin

  19. sandycao84 Says:

    A Valentine’s Day gift for Bae Soo Bin! Hope he can watch it! :)

  20. sarina Says:

    hi i am iranian.l love bae soo bin.he is very nice actor .can you found his email(ID)???
    thank you

  21. jnza Says:

    aaish! wow so many fans huh! oppa!

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