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Han Ji Min visits the Phillipines

Posted on 12 August 2009 by ay_link

Aren’t these pictures heartwarming to see? :)
Han Ji Min is really something else. She has that ability to grab my attention even though I can’t say I’m her biggest fan. But her sweet, pure smile has brought such a smile to my face, and especially these pictures.  Nothing is more wonderful to be able to share love to others, especially those in need.  WTG, Han Ji Min-ssi! ^^

Han Ji Min comes to the Philippines to be their teacher

Not just a beautiful face, but she owns a beautiful heart also. Actress Han Ji Min in her recent visit to the Philippines has brought quite the joy for the tvN World Special show “LOVE” – in which they cover a show about her visit to town.

To be broadcast on August 15, tvN World Special “LOVE” charity show, titled “Wingless Angels” is showing actress Han Ji Min in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. There are a number of households that live in this small town, with no electricity and very low income. Han Ji Min brings herself and a gift of talent, to help teach the children who don’t go to school because they can’t afford it. She teaches them art, music, sports, and other subjects as if they’re in the real class environment.

For the sports activities, they play basketball and also other traditional games that the local children used to play. Han Ji Min even conducted everyone in the village to help and participate, such as the child’s parents, the moms and dads, and grandmas, also their little brothers are okay to tag along.

tvN started this show back in May last year, with a special spotlight on the world charity, “LOVE” to bring awareness to people and also an outlet for those who wouldn’t like to donate for their brothers and sisters in need. This program has been successfully invited celebrities, actors and actresses to promote for fund raising/charities. Donations from international and domestic have been received well up until now.

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  1. teokong Says:

    Thanks for sharing the article. A fan of Han Ji Min ever since
    I watched Yi San and Cain & Abel. Great shows. She is a nice lady. In Cain & Abel she had great chemistry with So Ji Sup oppa. I hope SJS oppa knows she did a good deed. Kekeke…..

  2. julier Says:

    Omo she is sooo cute! Nice photos.

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