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Interview with Kim Nam Gil

Posted on 04 November 2009 by ay_link

There’s something about him that’s… captivating. Maybe it’s his mysterious smirk, those eyes, or the fact that he can kick some butts over at Queen Seonduk – the early days, before he becomes the “hwarang” Bidam.  Here’s a little something to read about the actor.

Kim Nam-gil has gone through an unpredictable career — from TV series “Be Strong Geum Soon” to film “No Regrets”, and then to drama “Goodbye Solo” and hopping back to films including “Portrait of Beauty” and “No Regrets”. He is now revealing his true colors as Bi-dam in hit MBC TV series “Queen Seon-deok”. 10Asia met with Kim to talk about his journey as the historical character.

[INTERVIEW] Actor Kim Nam Gil “Bidam” from Queen Seonduk (Part I)

10: What situation were you in when you were first asked to appear in “Queen Seon-deok”
Kim Nam-gil: The producers said they thought of me after seeing film “Portrait of a Beauty”. But I actually had been thinking of not taking on a historical drama for some time. I usually try to avoid taking on the same genre or similar characters from my previous works. And it’s also one of the easier ways to avoid facing controversy over my acting. (laugh) So I mulled over whether I should take on “Seon-deok” because it was a historical drama.

10: And how did you decide to go for it?
Kim: First, I met with the producers and heard about my character. I thought it was interesting how although Bi-dam actually existed, he had never properly been portrayed in drama or history itself. His character seemed to be quite spectacular, different from other characters and I would be able to make people imagine that he really did live his life the way he did, depending on how I acted his role. The directors explained that he would have a warrior-like feel from film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. And Bi-dam hasn’t carried any weapons in particular till now but he will start carrying around a spear with the motive from “Red Cliff”.

10: Are there any parts you discussed with scriptwriters Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon?
Kim: They said they wanted to meet to talk so I met with them after receiving the script. They said that Bi-dam, unlike other characters who would be fully explained from the beginning of the story, would suddenly appear and make himself understood in just two episodes. So they told me a lot about how he lived his life, how he grew up and everything in general, but I increasingly thought he was like a character from comics. I had been wondering what sort of image he had but “Slam Dunk” came across my mind because I had read it sometime around then.

10: From the start of “Seon-deok”, it had been said that Bi-dam, played by Kim Nam-gil, will be the secret weapon to the drama and that Chun-chu, played by Yoo Seung-ho would be the ultimate weapon. Weren’t you under a lot of pressure because the public knew very little about your character and yourself as an actor?
Kim: Ah… I’ve kept wondering why people keep mentioning ’secret weapon’. (laugh) The writers had said we should keep information about Bi-dam as low-key as possible so they decided to cut the part where I appear as a child too. So before I went into shoot, I watched the drama at home too, laughing and crying over the scenes when they told me one day that I would go into shoot the following week. I was completely surprised. And I wanted to look for a hole to hide in after people started talking about me being the secret weapon again… (laugh) I was pressured a lot by those things but I feel more responsibility now and it helps to think that I cannot get by with doing just an okay job.

10: You made a very strong entrance to the drama.
Kim: The writers had written a strong scene for it but it was up to me and the producers to come up with how we could show it to the viewers. I wondered how I could leave a strong impression while not breaking the flow of the story despite my sudden appearance. That was when I was the most stressed and worried because I wouldn’t be able to catch onto the flow of the story if I couldn’t explain my character well enough in episodes 21 and 22.

10: Bi-dam is a character we have never seen in historical dramas and even in “Seon-deok”, his speech is quite modern compared to other characters.
Kim: That’s why in the beginning, I asked our writers if they hadn’t looked at comments the viewers had left on our website. I asked them if I was supposed to take the blame for it. (laugh) But after I heard that Bi-dam lived freely in the mountains and was not used to language they use in the palace, I thought it would be okay if I express myself well enough. And the story had been so serious till then so I didn’t want to make it even more serious than it already is. So although I knew I was taking a risk, I added some parts to liven up the drama when I could. I owe it to the producers for allowing me to act so comfortably. Producer Kim Keun-hong did too but producer Park Hong-kyun in particular has trust in the actors and leaves up a lot to them. They are the best!

10: Bi-dam is also a character who is complex on the inside. How did you approach this?
Kim: I decided that Bi-dam is a very innocent character. That’s how he doesn’t get swayed, he is happy to have a friend like Duk-man and will get excited over his own thoughts when everyone else is serious. Everyone will say something about that to him but for Bi-dam, the excitement of doing something with a friend for the first time is greater. However, from that point on, Bi-dam, who had been on a blank page, will gradually start to express that he wants something. Naturally, he inherited his nature and disposition from Mi-shil and Kin Jin-ji so it may seem like he inherited the bad side from Mi-shil, but he was actually a prince and wanted to achieve something great which was suppressed while being raised under Munno.

[INTERVIEW] Actor Kim Nam Gil “Bidam” from Queen Seonduk (Part II)

10: It’s quite shocking how Bi-dam killed dozens of people by poisoning them when he was young.
Kim: He only did it on Moon-no’s order to conceal an important publication but the way he did it was wrong. All he wanted was to be approved and praised by his master but to Moon-no, it seemed an act too evil to be done by a child. But it’s actually because Moon-no hasn’t raised kids before. (laugh)

10: Both good and evil coexist with your character but since Bi-dam has shown more of his good side, he will have to start changing soon.
Kim: Bi-dam is only human so he starts wondering who his parents were, why they deserted him and gets upset over it. So if the Bi-dam till now was someone who is a good guy but has a side to him where he can occasionally kill people cruelly, I think he will gradually become someone who hides the evil growing inside him and deceive people by pretending to be good.

10: I think the closest similarity between Bi-dam and Mi-shil will be that they stay true to their desires.
Kim: I agree. I think Bi-dam is similar to Mi-shil in that he is so greedy that he will want to have what he wants no matter what and that he’ll try to remove all obstacles that are laid in front of him. People say Bi-dam looks more like Moon-no though. (laugh)

10: What is the largest desire you have as actor Kim Nam-gil?
Kim: For actors, it’s all about acting. I wish my acting would become recognized in my country, that people would laugh and cry while watching it and I also hope to be able to express the sentimentality that people can sympathize in Korea throughout Asia too. My ultimate hope is to become someone who won’t be ashamed of being an actor.

10: You once said you won’t pretend you don’t idolize stars. But despite the fact that you haven’t tried to become one, you actually are a star right now.
Kim: Nah, I’m not a star. You have to be at least like Lee Min-ho to be considered a star. I should have tried harder to become friends with him. (laugh)

10: Then despite all that, what’s the good thing about becoming known to the public?
Kim: I’ve met a lot of great seniors while doing movies and they don’t do it to become popular. Not that they don’t think of it at all. (laugh) I think money and popularity come with the acting if you do a good job of it. And what I’ve come to realize is that there are a lot of good scenarios out there which could bring the development of our culture even with a small budget. But sometimes the investment will come depending on the actor. So if I become known to the public, I’ve thought that I hope to become an actor who can create an environment where the producer, director and staff can all be more abundant. If I have gained recognition, I think that will be the good thing about it.

10: You’ve gone from playing a minor role, to supporting role and now to an actor with star qualities. But you recently wrote “I am doing what I like so I am so lonely the moment I do what I like” which was impressive. What is it like living as an actor?
Kim: There aren’t many people who can live life doing what they want. So people often say to me that I should consider myself lucky because I live my life doing what I want, but I answer that that’s why I’m lonely. In the beginning, I was happy being able to do what I want as my job but you gradually have to compromise more and my identity starts to shake as I am confronted with the duality of the world or financial issues. I’ve stood my ground so far and I think I probably won’t make a different choice. But ironically, I’m really happy when I’m acting. And that’s also how lonely I am.

[INTERVIEW] Actor Kim Nam Gil “Bidam” from Queen Seonduk (Part III)

10: Bi-dam’s teeth in “Queen Seon-deok” seem really white? How come?
Kim Nam-gil: It’s because I put on make-up to make me look darker. Some people if I got my teeth whitened but I actually don’t even go to the dentist that well. (laugh) I don’t eat a lot of junk food though and rarely drink coffee. I just eat a lot when I have my meals. And like I said, my teeth look whiter because my make-up makes me look darker, but it applies to everyone. The light shines off it when it’s dark so my teeth will seem even brighter when we shoot at night.

10: Is there any data or props you used to create your character?
Kim: Kang Baek-ho from comic “Slam Dunk”. And I had read “Vagabond” by the same author a couple of years ago but I was reminded of it while reading the script for “Seon-deok” so I read it again. On top of those characters, I also added the character from “Yul Hyol Kang-ho” to create my own character. Since Bi-dam is a mix of characters from comic books, he is the most unrealistic and a character most unlikely to appear in a historical drama but I think some people actually enjoy it because it’s refreshing.

10: You occasionally display acting which I presume is ad-lib. Out of the ad-libs you did, which do you think worked the best?
Kim: The producer allows us to do a lot of ad-libs. We discuss a lot about what might be funny, what would seem Bi-dam-ish, and he sets the line for them. For example, if we’re shooting a scene where everyone is serious but I start picking my nose and he doesn’t cut it, it means it’s okay.

10: Bi-dam seems to like chicken. Do you really like chicken?
Kim: I do. I also like broiled chicken but it’s not something you get to eat too often. I often order friend chicken though when I’m at home. But I don’t have beer with it. (laugh)

10: Your character Bi-dam has earned the nickname of ‘Silla’s Anakin Skywalker’ from “Star Wars”. Have you ever thought you would want to be a certain someone’s son?
Kim: That’s a great nickname. I like those things. (laugh) Hmm, as a guy and a father, I respect my own father the most. But if I could leave out the ‘fatherly’ feeling, I would pick singer Seotaeji. I think you could call it deference rather than respect, but I love his musical talent and my acting has been influenced a lot by the way he feels his emotions. I want to follow his example of how he stirred pop culture and changed the flow of things, and be able to the same through acting.

10: You call yourself ‘dad’ and your fans ‘daughters’ when writing on your online fan cafe. Is there a particular reason for this?
Kim: One of my seniors who once saw me log-in to my fan page said I look really happy when I go onto the website no matter how tired I said I was. My mind will be at peace when I’m working when my family is happy and my fan page is where people who enjoy my acting or the dramas or films I worked on gather. So if I think of my fan page as my house, I’m the head of the household. That’s why I call myself ‘dad’, my female fans ‘daughters’ and male fans ’sons’ but I’ve recently gained more sons with “Seon-deok”. My own dad came up to me and said, “If they’re your sons, am I your son too?” (laugh)

10: You must be extremely busy with your drama but you put up a posting on your fan page very recently too.
Kim: Well, I actually had been just reading what my fans wrote but the people in charge of the website kept asking me to write something. And once, my fans came to see me on set but they compared me to actor Lee Seung-hyo, saying that he treats his fans wells and puts up postings often. So I blurted that they should join his fan club then, but I put up a posting right after that. And all the times I have been good to them! Is the public always like that? Moving on and liking someone else when a new actor appears?(laugh)

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun, Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jessica Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin

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  1. crazyforasiandrama Says:

    Congratulations to him for a job well done. I haven’t seen his past works that the interview mentioned but I can see he has stage presence in “Lovers” and “Public Enemy 3″. Thank God for Sol Kyung-gu for advising him to revert back to his real name.

  2. Pwggy Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this interview. He is a most interesting person and a lovely actor. I hope to see him in more lead roles after his BIDAM. He has great eyes and smile but his expressions are always most intriguing even in calmer moments. He surely livened up ‘Queen Song Deok.’

    I would like to know more about his website.


  3. Febri Says:

    I hope some day Kim could play another drama like this, because he is a good actor, i saw this crama again and again only to see him act as Bi’s very natural act..very fantastic,is there any one could Help me to knoe Kim more?I whis some day could talk or do chat with him..
    is it possible?!

  4. eka Says:

    BIdam character so refreshing…i LOVE it

  5. mika Says:

    in my opinion, Kim is a cool man. he has a beautiful eyes and unique character… I do love it…

  6. divinesiren Says:

    Okay…after seeing this interview, it just makes me wanting to have a decent conversation with him more than before. I think his own personality is as complex as Bidam, only without dark background that Bidam possessed.Hmmm…so where should I start? Oh, first I want to congrats you for your role as Bidam, it sure is giving more variation to historical drama. Second, I want to say that you’re already a star. Perhaps you want to be a bigger star than now, but still… you’re a star. IF. you want to be like that actor you mentioned above, you just need to search for a role of a rich bastard that falls in love with a poor, brave girl…et voila! XP BUT. it doesn’t suit you…You’re an actor for more complex character, complex background, not for shallow ones.You have your own charm and strength in acting. Do believe that please. For the third one, I’m going to answer your question: Yes, the public may be like that, but please do not consider your fans as public because we’re different. We know what it is in you that attracts us to you. And I want to make you understand that your fans ,too, have another people that we admire; not just you. but that doesn’t mean we think about you any less than what you deserve. You have our admiration, respect and love still. So you see…don’t bite our heads off for admiring other
    Well…that’s all for now..and err… I am grateful that there is an explanation for the whiteness of your teeth. It appears that not only me and my mother who realized that.XOXOXO.

  7. dhee Says:

    wow..! i’m very surprised with his BIDAM act..! i like his role and he played so so so naturally. bidam was so simple n blissfully innocent (before he knew that he was mishil’s son :p) and then he gradually changed into evil character. but yet, i still go for bidam. the smirk of cunning bidam that resembled mishil.. wew, i can’t stand on it..! hehehe.. you really are GREAT actor Kim..! =) waiting for your next fascinating n awesome role!

  8. khina Says:

    i liked his movies and dramas. but i really impressed by him in QSD. he was really good that i was sooo surprised. i didnt know that he is such great actor. but i dont understand why he didn’t recognize as one of great actors until now. i’m sure he’s one of them now. good luck for him!

  9. opi Says:

    hmm.. did anybody know where’s kim nam gil fan page? coz im very interested..

  10. kyashi39 Says:

    thank you for this wonderful post especially the interview part…
    i got to know more about him and have gotten to like him better as an actor.

    i’m also curious about his official fan page, i want to visit it and become part of it.

    as for his question about the public, he should still understand that there’s similarities and difference between his fans and the public…after all, it’s all about his acting as an actor right? for short, he’s in the showbiz world.

  11. ivone Says:

    As Kim Nam-gil said that he wants his acting will make people laugh & cry. I was like that when watching queen seon deok movie. In the last episodes, Bidam character was very strong & very dominantly. I think it’s mostly because of his acting instead of the story itself. Keep moving forward & success always for you Kim Nam-gil.

  12. Sha Sha Says:

    Does anyone know where the petition is to sign for an alternate ending for Bidam and Deokman, instead of the sad tragic one. I think they want it for the DVD season 3 and for a special airing. If anyone knows where to find it please post. thanks

  13. kinna Says:

    kim nam gil is a cool man, i like him character in the great queen seondeok as bidam. And i think, he is a good actor, he can make everybody loved him. i love everything about u..
    success for u kim..

  14. digna macapagal Says:

    ..ive finished watching queen seon deok bec of him…he’s such a great actor..he can act with ease at the same time he still looks so dashing…love him..and from now on i’ll watch all his works…

  15. Bihye Says:

    i already finished watching Queen seon deok, the first time i saw his acting, made me want to become a fan of his, so right after i finished the kdrama i started surfing the net about him, and started becoming one of his fans, he’s a really awsome actor, his really amazing….. i will support him all through the way………

  16. regina Says:

    I just finish watching queen seondeok and totally in love with kim nam gil a.k.a Bi dam. On
    Bi dam. On the last episode my tears suddenly burst because how tragic is Bidam’s death and his love life with deok-man.
    I can’t believe the scriptwriter for making such a tragic death for Bi dam. His march was so Glorious. Too bad.. Poor Bi dam :’( “thanks for making me cry a lot”. I’m enjoying reading his interview and really can’t wait for his next role. :’D

  17. milynor m.a. Says:

    I commend on the acting styles of Bidam. The first time I saw his face as I watch Queen Seon Deok, I had the feeling that he was the one best actor who can portray the role. He made me cry and sleepless all through the days and nights I spent watching this TV series. I can share the beauty of the story to my students. I truly appreciate and I start loving Kim Nam Gil. But It would have been better if the ending of the story was Bidam or Bidam’s hand was given the chance to be held by the queen.It was a drama-love-action all in one in a historical-biographical movie shown in Asia. It was a very good movie.

  18. DEvine L Says:

    I am not really a type of person who goes “gaga” over actors and actresses but the character played by Kim in Queen Seon duk simply astonish me.It was for me the most powerful role ever played. I was simply crying again and again after watching the last episode. I hope I can get to meet kim in person and I could get to watch his other film.Long Live KIM!!!

  19. sanzo11 Says:

    Yup, I have the same feeling towards Kim Nam Gil’s character in Queen Seon duk. I just cant get his character out of my head. Its really weird. Its like the character is real and i truly adore and sympathize with him. His character and the way he portrayed it, truly is striking and appealing. You cant stop watching him. Its like he mesmerized us without realizing it. Moreover, I truly enjoy reading through his interviews. Its informative and I am also amazed at how he answers. Its like you already like him but after reading the interviews you just love him even more.

  20. jhoan Says:

    i’ve already finised to watch the korean novela Queen Seok Deok, i love the story, i thought the story is only for the trone, for being the highest/queen but when i already finised that series its not,it is a love story,with a friendship involve, comedy,drama and action.. i love bidam… but i suddenly cried in the last tragic bidam’s death and how he show his love to deokman..and also to deokman even she not showned her true love for bidam she is still love him til death..

  21. Lady Mi-Shil Says:

    Kim Nam Gil’s performance in Queen Seon dok was amazing and brilliant, the way he portrayed Bi-dam….
    I’ve finished watching QSD… Oh, man… I would be nice if Seon dok and Bidam got together at last, but no… he died in front of her, and tried to reach her for once…

  22. annie Says:

    what a relief that a lot of viewers of seon deok felt the same i did towards bi dam’s character.he’s got so much charm that though he had moments when he was bad,i could not find it in me to hate him unlike mishil.he’s so lovable cant help but fall in love with him and his and seon deok’s love story.i too would love to ask for a different ending to seon deok and bidam’s story or the series’ ending.i would really really love for bi dam and seon deok to be together at the close of the series.the tragic ending is really heart-wrenching and id repeatedly cry though ive watched it several times over already.please make an alternative ending to the story and hope you make it available in the philippines.

  23. jemma Says:

    Here is the link for the petition for an additional/ alternate ending for QSD

  24. Ira Says:

    Love the character of Bi Dam so much, Kim Nam Gil acting was awesome..
    Wish i could join his fan page, is anybody know his fan page, fansclub, or official website of Kim Nam Gil..?? Please let me know..

    Email me at

  25. MELEZER Says:


  26. kiss Says:

    ouch,, im at actually at the climax part of queen seon deok, and i heard that bidam is going to die,,i am so much affected! im not gonna finish watching it and witness him dying,no never.. oh but show is great really.

  27. Diane Says:

    I really love how Kim Nam-Gil gave justice on his role as Bidam on QSD. He is a good and creative actor…. I love this interview with him it made me know something personal about him as an actor.. Surely this role in QSD was remarkable.

  28. griffinix55 Says:

    bidam’s so cute!!!

  29. meilia Says:

    if anyone knows bout kim nam gil official fan site, please let me know.
    thx a lot..


  30. zal Says:

    im not the type of person who fond on the actors after their movie…but only you KIM NAM GIL…after BIDAM I really admire you… everytime i see your face in my mind i can’t help myself in hurting my heart…its because i know that you can’t me mine…or even realize me…but anyways this is my first time to be an avid fan on actors/actresses… i hope you can read this… iloveyou my BIDAM…KIM NAM GIL

  31. Anngals Says:

    I supported the petition for an additional/ alternate ending for QSD at

    How I wished that such tragic sad ending was just a dream of either Queen Seon Deok or Bidam. Then, when he or she wake up….a grand marriage ceremony will take place when both will announce that they will give up the throne as King and Queen for the sake of their love to each other. At the same time, QSD will turn-over the kingdom to Chunchu so that the couple will live happily ever after without the kingdom’s power which always affect their trust and love with each other.
    Is’nt this a wonderful happy ending?

  32. jana Says:

    wow! I do like Kim Nam Gil more…
    getting to know more about what my idol thinks is very refreshing…I’m from the Philippines but I admire a Korean! Gee, that’s crazy. But it’s real..I really love Kim Nam Gil not just for the looks, but for the talent and his dedication to give his best in everything he does…Good luck, Bidam!!!! Love you!

  33. arielilith Says:

    Great job! I’m from Romania and they’ve just begun the series here and I think it’s a good show. Like others before me, I’ll say again that you are a very good actor. The role you played is complex and you succeeded in showing his complexity. I actually feel sorry for Bi Dam. It wasn’t easy for him and, although he inherited some traits from his parents, we are what we are made in life and having a different life would have made the difference I guess. I like the way you change the mood from serious to playing the fool, makes me even think you can do that yourself too in your real life with some ease.
    Well, you are handsome (and I’ll just say this) but that doesn’t make you a good actor … you are one anyway.
    All the best and good luck in the future,

  34. Evangelical Says:

    H! ^_^

    ahh.. i hope you can read this. i’m a new fan of yours. i saw “Queen Seon Deok” in GMA TV shows. although it’s still episode 16 here in the philippines.. i watched it in advance, can’t wait for next to come (Wink). that’s how i got to see you. i like the way you act. it’s cool. it got me confused in some parts.. i can’t tell when you’re going to be evil or good in that episode, but i really enjoyed it. i hope for your more success to come.. and have fun. :-)

  35. Marce Says:

    If you can make people sad, mad and laugh at means you touched them..and it makes you a good actor.. For me..Kim….upon watching you in the 1st episode wherein.. you play the role as makes me wonder..who are you in QSD’s life…So my curiosity begun to blink…and frankly Your acting was quite impressive and it makes you good star…I’m looking forward to your next action movie…i think your good in action..

  36. Dianmona Says:

    Well.. I d0nt kn0w if u look 4 0ur posts here..fr0m the pe0ple that really do admire u kim.. I just want to say that u do a good me.. I didnt expected that ur appearance in the middle of the film c0uld change the way of the was really unpredictable. I th0ught that u just had 2 b a supporting actor or that film But i was t0tally wr0ng ab0ut it.. Cause in fact u r the soul of the film.. Refreshing role..but still have the str0ng character..

    U kn0w which episode that i hate the m0st? The final.. Okay i can accept if bi dam really had to die but,, is that suppose 4 duk man.. To act like that? Why d0nt she just m0ve f0rward to bidam.. And raise her hug him.. And say that “i l0ve u ,bidam” so than bidam c0uld go in peace.. In her hug..emm pffiuuh i wish.. But 0verall thanks 4 the great role u have played in TGQSD..Thx for made me cried..sleepless..and crazy ab0ut the film..i even wr0te a p0etry for bidam character.. U kn0w it is f0rbiden to say ur name (i mean bi dam) in my h0use cause if we hear ur name its make us remind your final appearance in that film..hiks T.T

    C Not just in asia even pe0ple ar0und the world like ur acting.. So i challenge u..make us like to kim nam gil n0t just to bidam.. Proof it by making any film..that sh0wn ur talent..

  37. Indah Says:

    I always dreaming can meet someone that can loving me like bidam love the queen. I think bidam and kim nam gil is different person. But i still like kim nam gil as an actor. And i’m sure, kim heart is no different with bidam carakter. I will support kim nam gil always….

  38. HaniLee Says:

    I’m not really a movie nor drama fanatic, but since viewing QSD recently i became addicted to you. Your acting is superb. Do you know that? I’m sure you’ve a more colorful and interesting character in person. You have captured multitude of viewers across the globe with your performance in QSD. I’m sure that these millions of fans you’ve captivated around the world will continue to support you cause you really deserve admiration. For me you’re a STAR now (don’t think otherwise). Your bright shines towards Korea and other Asian countries..
    Wish you could visit here in the Philippines oneday. (QSD is still on its 17? episode here, but i’ve finished watching it on dvd..on t.v’s a long wait and I just can’t wait for how many m0nths to be able to watch it wholly).
    Go mr.Kim, you’re a great actor. A legend in the making.

  39. nyce Says:


  40. Isa Says:

    Kim Nam Gil..
    I don’t think he’ll get to read this, but I just want to say, this is the quickest pace I’ve finished a drama.. or I should say, finishing a drama. Next week is when I’ll finish QSD as there are two more episodes left. Only two.

    I actually have to go rewatch Bidam’s entrance scene, because before I wanted to watch his performance on Youtube and that part was missing. Anyways, before I even thought of watching the show, I heard many people lauding the actress behind Mishil and Kim Nam Gil. I didn’t really believe it when I saw so many fans of Bidam when originally Alcheon was my favorite. But later I understood how KNG’s charisma just shines through in his portrayal of this character. This portrayal of this greatly insecure man who just cries to be embraced, just wants to be loved, tugs at your heart, and you can’t help but feel a passionate hatred towards the wretched people who play with his fate. I’ll confess I’ve been on the verge of tears watching a few dramas here and there, but I’ve never shed a tear before. I think that will change after I watch the ending. Lol it’s a spoiler I read myself..
    KNG, I salute you :) You don’t need to be a “star.” You’re an actor who has already touched several people’s hearts.

  41. kathleen_3161 Says:

    Impressive! I love Bidam so much! I became more and more addicted to him whenever he will show his childish laugh!!! Kim Nam-gil astoundingly portrayed BIdam’s character in QSD!Congratulation!!! I wish you will visit here in the Philippines…!!! Surely lots of your fans will be very happy!!!!

  42. jem Says:

    (quoted from cookie, a die-hard kim nam gil fan from the philippines just like me!!!)

    Mishil Syndrome:
    1. You can’t help but raise your eyebrow
    2. You can’t help but blink slooooww, hahahaha!
    3. You can’t help but look sarcastic yet calm
    4. You can’t help but look at someone while widening your eyes


    Bidam Syndrome:
    1. CHICKEN!
    2. Weird but you like his “dugyot look”. He’s dirty yet oozing with extreme hotness. XD
    3. You like him when he kills people or when he fights. Astig, parang God of Swordsmanship.
    4. Super kilig ka sa moments nila ni Deokman
    5. You love his Devil-good-lovesick character
    6. Hate mo ang episode 62 at gusto mo ng alternative ending..

  43. jossam Says:

    Im you fan Kim Nam-gil!!! As Bidam you are indeed an innocent character which oftentimes be mislead if not guided by a good leader. I have to be honest, i dont usually idolized Korean actors,for the reason that what i like the most is the unpredectability and uniqueness of Korean dramas. But in your character as Bidam,you have catch my attention,even if it may be like a mix of comic charaters but what i like, is the devotion you have for Duekman..hehehe..maybe because as a girl, im a devoted person myself. And you portray it well,i bet you have a good heart Kim Nam-gil..Well done!!
    Behind the limelight of entertainment, i hope you’ll find a solace,a place where you can be yourself,not as an actor or a star but as Kim Nam-gil…
    Take care..

  44. jo Says:

    brilliant performance in QSD, Kim Nam Gil—keep it’re awesome…it’s not often that i am impressed by actors/actresses but after seeing you play the role of Bidam i’m suddenly transformed into a fan!maybe it’s because you played the character of a strong yet playful and a fun guy to be with that i really loved Bidam…being a strong woman it’s hard to find an equally strong guy in real life,you know…in your eyes i see an intelligent person inside,someone who has depth and that’s why you say you are lonely even while you’re doing the thing you love to do which is acting….i can relate to that….take the time to relax;feed your mind and your soul as well because even though you may not realize it you have a Mun No inside of you…

  45. ila patricia Says:

    i really love how kim nam gil acts.. :)

    does anyone here know where his fan page is? :O

    more power to kim nam gil! :)

  46. ofelyn Says:

    hi Mr.Kim,
    I am very happy that i have the chance to witness your acting in your drama Queen Son Deok here in the Philippines. Every episode was always make us lough,cry or even are the best actor I’ve seen in my entire life.
    I never thought an actor can do that..we love you.!!your greater than you imagine!keep inspiring young people by your God given talent just like you inspire mine.
    tnx!!mabuhay ka!!>

  47. khen Says:

    after watching the whole episode of seondeok gosh! my tears still falling,im really sad about what happen to bedam my one and only kim nam gil. hayz.ders somthing about him that i really adore,if i have a chance i want to meet him personally.. good job your such a great actor.. thats why im fallen for you…tke care always and godbless

  48. Cezzille Rose Cepe Says:

    I just wanted to know if Kim Nam Gil is already married?or having live-in partner?or had a child abandoned?please answer me as soon as you read this.Thank you.

  49. Gabriela Says:

    Kim Nam Gil dear I am your biggest fan named Gabriela Abrudan and living in Romania are very far from where you live but I’d like to meet you and see you really know that there are few chances but if you come with an opportunity to Romania in Bucharest or think in a city in Romania would do everything possible to come to see you can you and others have written thousands of fans of yours and I know you can not read them all but my messages Would love to read it and I think a little el.I LOVE KIM NAM GIL

  50. ay_link Says:

    @Cezzille Rose Cepe No, he’s still single.

  51. Erich Says:

    Hello Bidam,

    I really like the way you portray that character though it was a sad ending but yet interesting.You know what i’m a fan of jackie chan and i like to watch a movie specially there is a martial arts scene. I haven’t seen a person that could match with jackie but i think your the one.I love to watch your moves and strategies.Although this the first time i see you in t.v because i don’t watch movies often but you catch my attention.We hope that you could make another film like that. Because if not I will surely miss your mysterious smile.Be safe always!!!

  52. Apple Says:

    whew!what more can i say? seems that everyone have said it all!…
    uhmmmm…Nam-gil, I admire u a lot. It’s not only your acting prowess, the white teeth,smile,gorgeous eyes thing,hands that as if of a lady’s,and lean physique that captures me but there’s really something ’bout you that made me stay long hours sitting infront my pc and did some freakin search ’bout i crazy????????My goodness!Never in my life i did things like this and the fact that i haven’t even meet or see u in person makes me ponder if am still me. never been a fan of korean artists,even of Song Il-gook aka Jumong but…….the whole thing is making me….@@@@######
    u know what,i wish i could find ways to forget about you cos for me you’re like a drug: I’M ADDICTED TO YOU and IT’S KILLIN ME SOFTLY.(sob!)

  53. jenn r.b. Says:

    Woooah..! I’ve enjoyed reading this interview of yours. You really seems to be so cool and a nice actor, and quite funny in real life,haha. I can’t help but smile while reading it. You’re so adorable and likable. You have a nice smile, I am captivated by your pearly white teeth as i have watched you in QSD, it’s quite funny to know your insight about it, but i find your teeth so good, i think it was the key of your lovely smile. And also, you eyes, i find it to be so expressive, you don’t have to talk that much coz’ your eyes can say it alone. In addition to that, although knowing you’re not a professional singer, I can say that you have a heart-melting voice, very sexy indeed. I’ve never felt this so interested before for an actor. You have this charisma that others don’t. If i only have the chance to be close to you, I will definitely take that opportunity and won’t let it slipped away. How I really wished that it will happen and wished it to be so soon. Just keep up the good work and continue doing your good deeds, God knows all of your hardships and care for others that’s why you’re being blessed by Him. You’re the reason why I’m eager to speak Korean, I’ve already started taking up online lectures. So far I know now how to read and write hangeul but i need more practice, haha. I hope I could see and meet you in person and even have a conversation with you. You do made me shiver. 2 thumbs up KNG! You have such a lot of admirers here in the Philippines, hope you could consider visiting us here soon.

  54. Ashley Says:

    …wish there are ways my messages will reach you Kim Nam Gil..

  55. Whein Says:

    I admit i’m infected with Bidam Syndrome!… i just can’t get him out of my mind… still hating the last episode and it makes me cry whenever i imagine his face… hoping that the queen could atleast hold bidam’s hand while bidam’s trying to reach him!.. waahhh!!!! (crying outloud)..

    imagine.. i watched it and still watching and watching… wouw…. it really upset me.. Bidam.. Bidam… my Bidam…. I just can’t forget your lonely eyes.. it really stocked in my heart..

    I love the way you smile, the way you distort your face..very sexy very charming…

  56. shaneene Says:

    Thank you Nam Gil for portraying such a beatiful role. . .
    You’ll always be my number one! you have given justice to your role. . .keep up the good work and more projects to come!
    i really hope you can visit the Philippines someday. . .or if not, i hope that God would give me the chance to meet you personally! I’ll be waiting for that moment to come. I am one of your greatest supporter and you have all my love, respect and support. I’m not saying this because you are famous or you are adored by millions of women. I’ts really from my deepest thoughts and emotion. I sincerely adore you as a person not just as Bi-dam but also as Kim Nam Gil. Thank you for inspiring me and if ever you are in need of a girlfriend or a wife, I’m always here. . .and I’ll be waiting. . .May God bless you Nam Gil!

  57. jeny Says:

    your such a good actor when i watch u in qsd, your a star now w/ good atttitude in life. hope to see more movies in korea. you inspired a lot more people. my no.1 idol in korea

  58. jeezel Says:

    whoo!!your really amazing,and such a very good actor wish that you can visit here in the inspired those people who are watching you.i really love your gorgeous eyes wish that i can learn that hehe…ahmmm more power!!!great job..your my no.1 idol kim!!!

  59. A Says:

    Seondeok queen was a very good drama :) Kim Nam-Gil seems to have something that makes you not get detached from the TV :) )i cried at the end .. it was very sad .. :< .. Kim Nam-Gil is a very good actor ! .. From Romania

  60. erine Says:

    the website is in can even count the words written in won’t understand a thing. :| that makes me really sad.but I tried to click and explore though I can’t understand them. I got lonlier when I found out that you can write letters for him and he could possibly reply in no time. BUT its in korean characters so I had no chance to do so… :| I wish I could learn korean so I could actively participate in that fan cafe :|

  61. anroshel Says:

    i really really like his acting in QSD,i fell in love of his role,I think he knows how to attract the viewers:),keep up the good work Nam Gil,

  62. Fatima Martinez Says:

    Philippines loves you KIM! Hope you’ll give us a visit :)

  63. chin mae Says:

    kim nam gil is really a star material and yet in private a very compassionate being. i have seen his recent charity works and fell in love with him the more. his character in Queen Seon Deok really caught my attention just like the millions of fans he have here in the Philippines. We have created several fan pages for him and these several fan pages meet and share their adoration and love for the show and to the actors in it. right now the queen seon deok philippines is having a fund raising activity to help less fortunate children in the visayas region.obviously helping the needy was inspired by our Oppa Nam Gil.. And so I say I salute him and I hope he visits our country someday coz he would never imagine how great his impact is on our lives….he is a really great example for being human and humane… a good actor and a noble person…

  64. Marissa Says:

    Do you know which fanpage Kim Nam Gil is posting on? Is it in English? Please reply. Thanks!

  65. Marissa Says:

    Bidam of QSD is the Nakatsu of Hana Kimi (Japan). They have the same effect on me. After finishing their dramas I searched everywhere for their photos and profile and all information I can get. But, for Kim Nam Gil, there’s a big factor that differentiate him from Ikuta Toma. It’s like my admiration for Bidam is deeper. I feel I’m falling at maximum velocity. I think I have to remove him on my laptop wallpaper to stop this crazy feeling. It’s crazy and beyond comprehension. I first saw QSD on a site where they post Filipino TV shows. My roommate who just came from Philippines saw me watching it. Was it divine providence? He gave me his DVD copy of QSD! Then, I was hooked. For one week after coming from work at 5pm to 2am the next day, my eyes were glued on the screen. (And I have work at 7:30am). As if it wasn’t enough, I have to watch the last two episodes on Youtube over and over again. I even made a video of Kim Nam Gil, but I wasn’t ablle to post it on Youtube. I even dreamed of QSD. I’m not joking! I’m just glad I had something to do here in Dubai. Thanks everybody!

  66. avi Says:

    everything has been said here…all i can say I love u Kim Nam Gil! waah! never been so affected by any actor before until i saw u in QSD. ur acting moved us in every moods that u portray in QSD. im also one of those who r hoping for a happy ending for u & deokman. how sad lee yo won is already married…u both r great couple to watch. hope u can do another brilliant work together but this time with a happy ending….im praying & hoping that you can visit us here in the Philippines together with lee yo won…love u both!!! ps….i admire u even more upon learning ur charity works…keep it up & God will bless u a hundrefold…:)

  67. nonsibi Says:

    “Kim: There aren’t many people who can live life doing what they want. So people often say to me that I should consider myself lucky because I live my life doing what I want, but…” I totally agree with you Kim.

  68. Eden Claire Says:

    I am everything Bidam! Haha..if not for his character, I wouldn’t have watched the series…and this keeps me up until dawn time…

  69. Eden Claire Says:

    one more…i wish he’d visit Manila……

  70. Lia Says:

    Dear KIM NAM GIL Appa! :-)

    YOU were fantastic as BIDAM! YOU always make me laugh or cry, sometimes both! :-)YOU are a great actor!
    Hope YOU’re all right!


    From Hungary

  71. miruna_77 Says:

    I never thought I’d be so impressed by an actor, not one Asian, but Kim Nam Gil managed to impress me and make me feel the deepest emotions. The role that made him the QSD was a masterful, worthy of an Oscar. With Bidam I laughed, I enjoyed it, I played, I grieved and cried with him … I loved him, perhaps more than he loved himself Seondeok queen … was something amazing … a dream … came into my life like a dream …. I think every woman wants a man like Bidam together … to protect her and love her as was Bidam for Deokman. Through this amazing actor who is Kim Nam Gil, Bidam regained rightful place in history. Bidam remains my favorite character in historical dramas, and Kim Nam Gil will always be my favorite actor, and I can call his number one fan. Kim Nam Gil I’ll wait to get back healthy in the army, I shall miss you very much! kisses, many kisses and warm hugs from Romania!
    김 남 길 루마니아 당신을 사랑합니다!
    김 남 길 내가 정말 당신이 그리워입니다!

  72. nana Says:

    ohhhhh bidam u killed me … last night was the last episod dont know how much i cried swear of God,, wanted to cry more but my tears were finished n my eyes coulnd’t give me more tears,… i really liked ur character n ur act,,, wish u all the best n all the happiness in ur both life… love u .. will never forget u bidam <3 <3 <3

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