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Cast of “OB/GYN Doctors” on SBS “Strong Heart”

Posted on 16 March 2010 by ay_link

It’ll be my first to see the program since my beloved cast of “OB/GYN Doctors” were in it last night~ ^^ Check out Seo Ji Seok’s surprise crush-confession, Go Joo Won’s first-filming experience along with Song Joong Ki and Lee Young Eun on SBS ‘Strong Heart’!

고주원, “‘산부인과’ 첫 촬영 앞두고 끔찍한 사고 당했다”

SBS “Strong Heart” hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi invited the cast of SBS “OB/GYN Doctors” on the show. Seo Ji Seok, Go Joo Won, Song Joong Ki, Lee Young Eun and Ahn Yeon Seong came to represent the cast of the drama. Unfortunately, Jang Seo Hee wasn’t there with them.

After they began the program, actor Seo Ji Seok (Dr. Wang) went first. And he immediately got teased by everyone because of his character in the drama. “Are you a real playboy?,” they asked. And the screen on top says, 서지석, “나는 바람둥이” (Seo Ji Seok: I’m a playboy” – lolz. Poor him~).

And as the program went on, Seo Ji Seok shared something really interesting. One, he almost quit acting if it wasn’t for “OB/GYN Doctors”. Because there wasn’t any offer yet after he got discharged from the army, he almost wanted to give up, but fortunately the drama “OB/GYN” fell through and he was picked for the role of Dr. Wang Jae Suk. Oh, and he also shared a little secret that he used to have a crush on SNSD (Girls Generation) Jessica.

Go Joo Won also shared an unforgettable experience. On the first day of going to the the shooting location for “OB/GYN Doctors”, he had a strange feeling. On the highway from Seoul, suddenly his car slipped and went off sliding because of snow. He said he couldn’t control it, and had tried to push the break three times to avoid a crash. It was so close to the traffic before his rear wheel had to maneuver off trail. “I thought I’d have to use a trick to stop the car… so it went on a slow-motion, and it was so close in hitting the traffic,” as he recalled the moment.

Then MC Kang Ho Dong said, “It almost sounds like what we see in a movie…what would happen if you suffer in that accident?,” he asked, and Go Joo Won simply answered, “But it didn’t (happen).” His honest answer made the audience laughed.

Then he also shared a ghost story experience when he was at a motel in Yangyang, Gangwon-do. The room where he stayed was overlooking the sea. After walking down the seaside, he tried to sleep for the night. But after 5 minutes, he heard something. It was like someone was coming in, but there was nobody there. Then when he turned around, he saw a woman with a very white pale face (oMo!) facing him. “I was too scared to move an inch, and suddenly felt sick in the stomach. She has a very pale, white face, but she was wearing a black dress. If I was sleeping already, I would’ve not met her.”

Song Joong Ki, Lee Young Eun and Ahn Seon Yeong (the Head Nurse) were also there. They teased both Song Joong Ki and Lee Young Eun, since their character now shares a love story. Song Joong Ki also shared that 10 years ago before his debut, he was a short-track skater. He started junior high and had to quit to start acting. He said this experience helped him a lot when he first debuted in a movie. He got picked for the role because the movie director knew that he was a skater.

Watch “Strong Heart” for more detailed stories on these wonderful cast! ^^ Or you can watch it online here

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. knuts Says:

    hahaha…”Dr Wang” is a real playboy?…..sounds fun and interesting

    thanks for posting about this
    so I can go look for this ep

    but “Dr Lee” sits so feminine in that pic

    too bad Jang Seo Hee (Dr Seo) was not there

  2. yssatorns Says:

    Omo! thanks for the translation!.. Dr.lee is not getting much love like Dr.Wang.. you can’t resist his cute smile even when he was compared to Yoo Jaesuk.. hahaha!… can’t wait for episode 13 &14 =D

  3. turtle Says:

    thanks so much for the translation ! :D
    so glad that most of the casts from OB&GYN are there.
    Go Joo Won aka Dr. Lee stories are pretty scary, especially the ghost story…@.@
    Just get to know him from this drama, definitely my fav at the moment..hehe

  4. iHeartFTIsland Says:

    waahh..thanks so much for this article,, and the pictures,, and especially the link to the show!! ^^ i’ve been looking for it all over Youtube but couldn’t find it yet.. glad i found it here!! =DD *gonna watch now.. gotta skip that ghost story part, though.. >__>”*

  5. knuts Says:

    watched it and must say I don’t like how the MC’s made fun of “Dr Lee”

  6. sarang Says:

    I had not seen this!! thank you so much for adding this here! I am tickled pink! CHeers!!!

  7. Kathy Says:

    I like Dr Wang and I really enjoyed to watch this drama because of Jisuk.

  8. dieyla Says:

    aaaaa,i wanna see this show…but how?????plizzzz help meeeeee…i really want to see..

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