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Kim Sung Soo heads up on new sitcom

Posted on 23 March 2010 by ay_link

Hunkalicious model-turn-actor Kim Sung Soo will be starting his new project on MBC right after “High Kick Through The Roof”, airing daily! I don’t know about you guys, but this is news to me. Yay, he’s back on TV ;)

Kim Sung Soo heads up on new sitcom

The new sitcom to replace ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ is called, “More Charming By The Day” 볼수록 애교만점. First episode was aired last night with 12-13% ratings. It kicks off with a pretty good start and surpasses “High Kick” when it first aired (10.3%).

Joining the rest of the cast, actor Kim Sung Soo’s character will form a love line with actress Im Ji Won (Evasive Inquiry Agency) who plays as a single-mother with a daughter. “More Charming By The Day” will be his first challenge to a sitcom, as he returns as a single-parent with positive and bright characteristics.

The first episode aired yesterday, September 22 on MBC at 7:45pm.

“More Charming By The Day” will tell a story about Song Ok Sook, as the head of the family with 5 girls (herself, 3 daughters and grand-daughter). One day, she finds her family thrown into chaos when her husband, Im Ha Ryong suddenly came back again after leaving the family for 15 years.

Im Ji Won is the eldest sibling among the three girls and is the owner of a diet and beauty center. She is a single mother who is currently raising her daughter, Han Yuna on her own. One day, she meets up with Kim Sung Soo, a single father who is raising his son, Kim Joon on his own as well. Sparks fly as the both single parents can’t see each other eye to eye at first.

Im Yeo Jin (played by Choi Yeo Jin) is the tough tomboy second daughter who has behaves more like a son to Ok Sook rather than a daughter. She gets stuck with Lee Sun Ho, the popular doctor at the diet center owned by her sister.

Im Vani is the youngest daughter who is currently a college student. She often acts without thinking, is irresponsible and often get into trouble which her family has to bail her out of. She gets into a love triangle with the Lee brothers, Lee Kyu Han and Lee Young Gwang.

Main Cast: Ye Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin, Vani, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Sun Ho, Lee Kyu Han, Jung Joo Ri, Song Ok Sook, Im Ha Ryong, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Young Yoo, Chae Sang Woo and Jin Seo Yeon.


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