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Daniel Henney’s Shanghai Calling

Posted on 22 February 2013 by ay_link

Have you guys seen this yet? I have. TWICE. In a row. Yeah, it’s THAT good. Watch it! :)

“Shanghai is a city that is always changing.Why should the people that come to Shanghai be any different? You may learn to become a far more humble person. Become the person you always dreamed of being. Realize you have been chasing the wrong dream for too long. Or you may find that the trip you never wanted to take has become the most rewarding journey of all.” – Awesome Wang

*You’ll know who this ‘Awesome Wang’ is when you watch the movie!*

Last weekend, I finally watched Daniel Henney’s romantic-comedy movie that was out last summer. The trailer looked good and hey, it’s Daniel Henney for pete’s sake, so I gotta watch it. Little did I know, at the end of the movie, I feel like rewatching it all over again. So… to this date, I’ve watched the movie 4 times already :) So, if you’re a fan of Daniel Henney, and chick-flicks, or you just want to watch something light and funny, this one is definitely a must-watch!

Just a brief synopsis on the movie:  Sam Chao (Daniel Henney) is a young, handsome, successful lawyer who lives in New York city. He works hard to earn partner at his firm, Powell & Davies. After winning big on his last case, he was hoping to become partner at P&D before he’s turning 30.  Alas, his bosses had another (detour) plan for him and asked Sam to move to China for 3 months.  ”Shanghai Calling” tells a story of how Sam deals with his expat life in China, the country far from home, and his obstacles at work to earn his keep & to be successful at what he does. What happened when things go south at work and he needs to choose between doing what’s right vs. being fired? Watch “Shanghai Calling” with your bffs over the weekend and let me know how you like it! :)

Here’s the trailer & couple pictures~



Daniel Henney & his co-star/love interest, Eliza Coupe

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