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Elle ‘Share Happiness’ photoshoot

Posted on 20 November 2009 by ay_link

Jang Dong Gun, Joo Jin Mo, Han Jae Suk, Hwang Jung Min, Cha Tae Yun, Lee Byung Hun, Shin Mina, Kim Nam Gil, and Gong Hyeong Jin, gathered around altogether in one studio room for Elle photoshoot. I want the magazine! ^^

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Ever wonder where (super famous) celebrities reside?

Posted on 23 September 2009 by ay_link

Found an article from Soompi’s News Thread, posted by dear rubie (thank you, babe!) and I thought it’s pretty interesting. I wish the pictures are bigger, but they couldn’t expose too much, could they? :)

Check out famous celebrities, such as Jeon Do Yeon, Jang Dong Gun, MC Kang Ho Dong, and happily married couple, Kwon Sang Moo and lovely wife Son Tae Young. Their place is amazing!

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Hwang Jung Min-Park Gun Hyung as “Wedding Singer”

Posted on 11 September 2009 by ay_link

News like this always makes me jealous. Why, you ask. Well, for one thing, musical from outside of the U.S. would stay outside, especially when it comes to Hwang Jung Min’s musical projects. Sigh. And now, they two of them will be working together too? Double Sigh.

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Baek Sung Hyun is a fan of Hwang Jung Min too

Posted on 09 July 2009 by ay_link

Yeah, everyone (who’s in their right mind) must love Hwang Jung Min too, I’m not surprised, but happy because Baek Sung Hyun admits it. Bromance, FTW! *wwwww!*

But you know what’s funny? Remember Baek Sung Hyun’s role in “That Fool”, Sang Chul came from Australia, right? Have you ever wondered what he was doing there? Well, check out the video clip posted in March, featuring Choi Jung Won, “Sydney In Love” out! Ah~ so that’s probably before Sang Chul visits Ji Su in Seoul, he was studying photography in Sydney. WwwwwWwwwWwwww……… ;)

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Hwang Jung Min worries about his co-star Kim Kwang Kyu

Posted on 06 July 2009 by ay_link

Remember this guy next to Hwang Jung Min?
He’s Kim Gwang Gyu – Gu Dong Baek’s superior, Manager Go in the recent KBS2 drama “That Fool” (The Accidental Couple). Apparently these two guys share a close friendship off-screen also. And plus, I think Kim Gwang Gyu is totally hilarious~ he brightens the office scenes in “That Fool” witty his witty comment and his way of talking (and who could forget that high-tone shrieking voice he had during on-stage performance of “Over the rainbow” with Gu Dong Baek & The Swallows? HAHAHA…)

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